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Peoria History

Archaeologists can trace early man in Peoria as far back as 10,000 B.C. Artifacts and burial mounds yield evidence of a Native American civilization that was highly organized, ritualistic, and in harmony with nature.  By 1650, the Illini Indians, a part of the Algonquin Nation, populated the area.  The major tribes of the Illinois Confederacy were:  Peoria, Kaskaskia, Michigamea, Cahokia, Tamaroa. Read , more at the Peoria Historical Society.

Current News

The Peoria Journal Star and The Community Word are two local news outlets.


The Randolph Park is owned and maintained by the neighborhood residents and is a source of pride and beauty. Empty lots were converted to a place for meetings, socialization and play.




This Queen Anne home is a more recent addition to the Randolph-Roanoke Historic District when compared to the other homes. The asymmetrical floor plan, dormer windows and wrap-around porch all establish this style. Although of average size, the home is dwarfed by its massive neighbors. The home is well maintained and currently has several apartments.



Mr. D.H. Proctor originally built the Randolph Terrace Historic Bed and Breakfast in 1919 for $35,000. The home was used as a retirement home and a group home. The home was then restored to its original elegance and functioned as a bed and breakfast. The home was then returned to a private residence.



Regular social activities and cooperation has allowed Randolph Roanoke to be recognized as an urban neighborhood leader. Historic lighting, clean-ups, Tulip Time, hanging flower baskets and virtual crime watch are only a few achievements.

Fun times with neighbors, friends and food in our historic homes and parks are a regular occurrence.